"We don't know the time we are living in!"
(Gumilev L. N.)

I should say differently: "We don't know the world we are living in!"

The book series "What did he say!?" - are the answers to the main questions concerning the existing World order

  • The history of intellectual life in the Universe.

  • Mankind, its goals, temporal period of existence.

  • The principles of development of intellectual life, the principles of development of mankind as a particular case.

  • The history of the human society existence is already close to its conclusion, what form of the intellectual life existence will change mankind?

  • Ethnogenesis, the evolution of life according to Gumilev L. N, what are the shortcomings of his theory, the further development of the theory.

  • The purpose of human existence, his life programme, biological circles.

  • The civilization which will change the European civilization. Where will it come into being? The subethnic values of the new civilization.

    Working at these books isn't finished yet and therefore any help, any critics, contribution and understanding of my attempt to answer the main questions of Creation, help in publishing of my first two completed books are very important for me as well as assistance in collecting information concerning the problems I'm interested in, particularly on the subject of the contemporary society condition. Ready to answer any of your questions.

    Limarev Victor Nikolaewitz.
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